Final Curtain

Final Curtain
Ballet shoes and flower.
Pastel on Mi-Teintes paper.
40.5x53.1cm (16.0x21.0ins)

This started out as a study for the detail in 'Zephyr Unwinding' but, as often happens, it ended up as a finished work in itself. I'd been given a pair of old ballet shoes to work with, but in the end I decided that I needed some brand new ones in order to paint the picture. Faced with the prospect of having to go into the shop to buy them I'm afraid I chickened out and sent my wife in instead whilst I hovered around outside looking in at the window (what that woman has to put up with, although she got her own back later). I ended up with three versions of this picture. Every time I did one to sell, my wife decided that she wanted it instead. The length of time taken to do each one was to some extent governed by the life of the flower. I ended up needing to use three flowers one after the other for the final version.
Keith Lowe