Grand Jete

Composite painting of dancers in motion.
Acrylics on canvas
81.3x101.6cm (32.0x40.0ins)

The inspiration for this picture came from one night seeing a young dancer being so keen to 'go' that she started across the centre to complete a grand jete well before she should have done. Realising that she'd got hopelessly out of time with the music she completed a half jump, then stopped and with a lovely smile turned around and ran back to the beginning. The painting tries to capture this cycle of movement and includes other dancers who were there on the night to complete the composition.

I was often humbled watching these young dancers come along twice or three times a week after a hard day at work or at school and for two hours give out such energy. Who says that young people are lazy?

Before starting on this final version I painted a smaller study, which had more figures in it, to try out the colours and composition. In the end what started out as a study ended up a finished piece of work in itself.
Keith Lowe