Dancer Fixing her Hair

Dancer Fixing her Hair.
Two dancers in class at the barre.
Acrylics on canvas panel.
76.4x55.9cm (30.0x22.0ins)

Like all the others, this dancer usually wore her hair drawn back tied up in a knot, but she decided to adjust it and suddenely released a shock of dark brown hair. Hence the picture. I met her by chance just before Xmas 2011 when she told me that since completing her training she's undertaken dancing engagements throughout Europe. She was currently awaiting a visa to take herself off to India to join the Bollywood film industry.

In its first incarnation I painted only the foreleg of the front dancer, leaving out the trailing part of ther rear leg. Dancers often adopt poses where only one leg is visible. But I got so much flak along the lines of 'Where's her other leg' that eventually I capitulated and put it in. I have to admit that it does look better for that.
KWL 83
Keith Lowe