Zephyr Unwinding

Zephyr Unwinding.
Female Dancer massaging her feet,
Pastel and Acrylic on prepared board,
51.3x73.0cm (20.4x28.7ins).

This painting was based on a ground which consisted of a proprietary watercolour board primed with a home-made mixture of acrylic gesso and marble dust - just enough to give a tooth to which the pastel could adhere. I used to have a friend who was a monumental stonemason and he used to keep the sweepings up of marble chippings for me, which I would then grade out. But actually you can buy marble dust from art suppliers which is a much easier option. Over more recent years the Australian company ArtSpectrum has marketed a ready-made primer in various colours which produces a similar result.
KWL 47
Keith Lowe